Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finian’s Wardrobe

Finian now has a great kilt to wear to Rowany 25. When we were in Melbourne in June we bought 5 m of green wool plaid from the lovely fabric lady at Queen Vic markets. It’s incredibly wide – about 150 cm I think. I was sure that 2.5 m would be sufficient, but Finian was sure someone told him we needed 5, so 5 we got.

After only a few relatively hassle free hours, and Finian only having to lie on the floor to check fit once, 2.5 m of the lovely wool has now become a great kilt. We opted for fairly wide pleats for aesthetic reasons. I hope that he will wear it with the baggy sleeved leine style shirt I made him a few years ago using a commercial pattern, but knowing Finian, he will opt for a more form fitting shirt or tunic. I have hemmed the other 2.5 m to be used as a mantle for now until we decide to use it for something else. Next on my shopping list is one of those lovely circle cloak pins.

Finian’s stripy woollen tunic is also in one piece. He wore it to Rowany Baroinial Sucession – photos to follow. I ended up finishing the seams by hand, but I intend to go back over them with the machine now that it’s repaired and working as well as ever. I also have to finish the hem, cuffs and neck.

There is loads of the stripy wool left. I used some of it to make myself a hood, but the rest will join my fabric miscellany until inspiration strikes.

This week, while continuing the remodelling of the burgundy dress I learnt a valuable lesson: don’t snack and stich lest you drop your salsa on your sewing. Luckily the offending dip landed on the lining and not the outer layer of the bodice, and has left only the faintest of marks. I am sure it will come out when I wash the completed garment. I am aiming to wear the remodelled dress to Rowany 25 and thereafter start work on the Moy Gown 2.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

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