Monday, December 10, 2007

A Little bit of Roman, and little bit Irish

It’s December, you are off to a feast in a hall in Sydney. Its been hot and humid all week, what to wear? Roman of course. In fact it seems that many ladies had similar ideas this year. The theme of the event was Elizabethan Toga Party, but quite a few people skipped the Elizabethan garb altogether and went straight to Peplos, Tunicas and Chintons. I think the fact that Blayney, a roman soldier of some notoriety, was Knighted that evening may have had an influence too.

So, my trusty green tunica-type creation was pulled out of the garb box and freshened up with new sash and palla (long, narrow wrap) in burgundy cotton. I wore my Egypto-roman style pearl earrings, the necklace I won at 4 Winds a few years ago, and a new necklace of pearls and citrine that I strung on the afternoon of the event. Apart from my left shoe coming undone repeatedly throughout the night, I was most pleased with the outfit. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the night; however, I intend to enter the outfit in the 12th Night A&S Competition, so there will no doubt be photos in January.

My soon-to-be new home, The Barony of Stormhold, is focussing its A&S activities on persona development in 2008. I have decided to jump on board and get a better understanding of Aine Ruadh inghean Chillin, born in Ireland in the mid-late 14th C. I have always thought she ends up in service to a great Lady of some sort, but I plan to do some research into the hierarchy and Irish nobility of the era to see whether that is a realistic life story, or simply a convenient fiction.

Projects for 2008 so far include:
Green Wool Moy Gown
Pattern and experiment with Irish leine for women (huge, baggy sleeved shirt-dress of medieval Ireland)
Research and develop my persona – lifestyle and station; hobbies and leisure activities; wardrobe.
Learn to play a few tunes on the Irish whistle
Take up archery

and not forgetting:
move house
find a new job
make new friends
keep in touch with old friends