Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Winter Holiday planning

Once again we are departing Melbourne for 10 days warmth and relaxation in July. This year we are going to Timore Leste, where Hubby will have just finished a work project.
Hubby tells me that, in Timor Leste, women swim (or bathe perhaps) in t-shirts and shorts or similarly modest apparel over their swimsuits. To do otherwise will most likely attract unwanted attention.  Now, I don't have any shorts that are suitable for swimming. In fact, I own very few pairs of shorts indeed.
I was just checking out the restylista's blog and saw this post
Perhaps the answer is a play suit in seersucker or similar light-weight but opaque fabric. Sewing out of season will be a challenge, but I have been tempted by the idea of a playsuit for some months now, although I could not imagine myself wearing one.
Now to see if I have/can find a suitable pattern.