Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Dress 2012 in progress

There are now only 2 sewing days left unitl my birthday, and I *think* my new dress will be ready. I have a back up dress in mind just in case, but I am really hoping that this year will be the year I get it done.
I just spent a lovely afternoon in the comany of Antqueen working on my dress, and its really starting to come together. I am about to go and do another 30 mins on it, after which it will be ready to have the skirt attached to the bodice.
I am making up a vintage Butterick 2255 in a linen/cotton blend white with overblown pink flowers print.
Here is the muslin:

I hope to have it close to complete by next Saturday, when I am heading to Antqueen's house for a hat trimming afternoon. I might also impose upon her to mark my hemline.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

2012 sewing goals

Goodness how time flies!

This year, inspired by The Unclutterrer blog, I've decided to make monthly sewing goals. Let's see how I went in January 2112:

  • muslin the Butterick dress - almost done, wiht assistance from ant_queen of Ant Country. Construction of a test run dress is scheduled for this coming weekend.
  • sew a garment for Rachel's daughter, Keira (9mo) - almost done. The pieces are cut with construction also scheduled for this weekend.
  • post some pre-loved garments for sale on gumtree - nopt done, but I have organised for a stall to sell off some vintage clohtes in Feb
  • have a refashioning/sewing day with ant_queen - done! We had a lovely day together durign my end-of-January holiday, including much tea and talk and watching Paper Giants, which she gave more for Christmas.

Photos to follow.

As for the next few weeks, here's what is planned:

  •  sew a garment for Amber's baby, due in early March (sex unknown or at least undisclosed)
  • finish Butterick dress 
  • hold a stall at the Nth Melbourne Markets to sell off vintage garments (19.2.12)

  • have that long-promised millinery day with ant_queen
  • Birthday outing 31.3.12.