Saturday, December 05, 2009

Re-fashions in green


These were both quick and easy refashions. The green knit top was not flattering, and not worth sending to an op-shop. Instead, I put it on over a favourite singlet top and traced the neckline of the singlet top onto the front of the knit. Then it was simply a matter of cutting off the neck, evening up the new neckline, and doing a roll-hem by hand. All up it probably took about 1 – 1 ½ hours (I’m a slow stitcher).

The sleeve of the woven shirt tore and was irreparable. Not wanting to toss it out, and knowing its only a matter of time until a similar tear appears in the body, I took off the sleeves and the collar, stitched the collar edges together, and finished the arm holes with bias binding. This was one of the first projects to come from the new machine, and with the 30+ days we had in Nov, I was very glad of it.


Ant Queen said...

Nice work! Reminds me that I need to post my t-shirt to singlet conversion.

I'm also thinking of taking to a roll neck knit top and making it a scoop or v-neck as high necks on me are a disaster. The top is in really good condition (as I hardly wear it) so it may be better to send it to a new home via an op shop.

How was the new sewing machine? Use any of the funky functions?

Belle said...

I am loving my new machine - so easy to use, runs smoothly, and so quiet. I have tried the blind hem function a few times, without much sucess sadly. I tried it on the pink dress, but was unhappy with the result so unpicked and re-hemmed by hand. I suspect I am going too fast, and possibly should try a finer needle. Still, nothing ventured nothing gained.