Sunday, January 10, 2010

Taking a leaf from Botticelli Babe’s book

Botticelli Babe has resolved to maintain her commitment to fine construction detail in 2010, following on from her commitment to take time to finish garments neatly in 2009. Go say hi to her -
I find myself inspired to do the same.
Monday I wore my new knit top (4th in a series of 4 made from the same pattern, in different fabrics, of which 2 fit really well, one is a bit loose and one turned out a bit big and gapes, which I blame on the fabric). The knit is a burnt orange colour and I did the construction seams using an orangey-gold coloured thread from an earlier project. I also tried out a couple of stitches for the first time – the stretch straight stitch and the single overcast stitch – which gave an extra neat and secure finish to my seams, without adding any bulk.

When it came to topstitching the neck and arm holes and the hem, I toyed with using the orangey-gold thread as an accent or design feature, but in the end wound some orange thread onto the bobbin that was a much closer match to the fabric. I am glad I did as I am very pleased with the finished garment. And as further proof that I made the right choice, a colleague told me that the top does not look like it is homemade – which I take to mean it looks RTW.

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Ant Queen said...

Nice work, and what a fabulous compliment from your colleague.

Okay, I really must actually sew something soon. Suffering analysis paralysis on how to make the cherry apron (yes, I know, it's an APRON, this should not be rocket science...)