Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Shiny Things

As noted before Christmas, the Kingdom A&S Competitions at 12th Night Coronation this past weekend included a Roman Garb competition. I decided to enter my green Egypto-roman inspired outfit with my new burgundy palla and sash. Since the competition cam at the end of 3 weeks’ holidays one would think Belle had plenty of time to put together her supporting documents. On the contrary, Belle’s brain switched off completely and so the entry was accompanied by: an article from the internet; a few pictures printed out; and a piece of pink note paper listing the items that formed the entry, all of which I was wearing. Not surprisingly the 3 judges all said they’d have like to see details of what I had done, how I made the pieces and why I made the decisions I made. In spite of that I got marked in the high 20’s (out of 50) and the balance of the comments pleased me. I was also glad that I had entered, ensuring that the competition could run.

I wasn’t in Court on Sunday when the results were announced, however I was delighted to learn that Artemisia had won the garb competition and was declared overall Event Champion. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that I had been awarded a highly commended for the garb competition, and that a token was on its way. I was also amused that my dear friend Blayney, who was relaying the news, hadn’t recognised my full SCA name when used in Court, he he he.

So, I have entered 2 competitions in the past few months, won the first and received highly commended in the second. I think I will enter a few more. Some Kingdom A&S Comps I might enter this year: Favours; Household items; Men’s clothes; Beauty treatments; Earrings. Stay tuned.

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