Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vikings and Favours

I went to the Viking Games on the weekend, which was a really fun, low key event. I’d like to see more of this type of event. Baroness Aefled was wearing a lovely Viking style dress with appliqué figures around the hem. I would like to publicly denounce my former statements about Viking garb, and acknowledge that on some people it does look quite pretty.

I caught up with Maeve, who gave me my silver bell for coming equal second in the Roman Garb competition at 12th night. I am going to sew it onto my purse together with the butterfly token from the event so I know that’s where I won it.

I have done some reading and thinking about favours both in period and in game. It seems that, in period, love tokens did not tend to bear any symbol denoting the giver’s identity. In SCA, a favour typically bears the arms of the giver or other identifying image. So, my plan is to make a SCA-style favour for Finian to wear, in addition to a period-style favour. I hope to enter them both in the Kingdom comp at May Crown. This is a plan and not a core promise ;)

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