Monday, October 18, 2010

National Clothes Swap Day – only 6 more sleeps!

Monday 25 October is National Clothes Swap day, and I will be heading to The Clothing Exchange’s Melbourne event at Federation Square. I am very excited about this, as I have shrunk out of some of my favourite clothes, and haven’t the cash to spend on new ones.

Friday night, while Hubby is on a boys’ night out, I will review and edit my wardrobe into the following categories:

  1. keep;
  2. swap;
  3. sell;
  4. refashion;
  5. donate.

 My wish list for the “buying” part of the swap event off the top of my head is:

  • Jeans (I have 2 pr, so one more would be good)
  • Capri pants or dress shorts
  • Dress (es)
  • Skinny belt(s)
  • A full skirt

After my wardrobe cull I will have a better idea of what’s missing in my wardrobe, and what colours, cuts and fabrics to look for. I am very excited. I hope I find some nice things to take home with me.

P.S. The Janeway Project was a huge success – watch this space for details, but here is a sneak peak. How handsome is my hubby!


1 comment:

Ant Queen said...

I love your Janeway costume. You look fabulous. And hubby makes a good matching accessory :)

I'm looking forward to the clothes swap.