Friday, January 14, 2011

Black and White Beechworth skirt

 My family often holiday in Beechworth, a smallish town in North East Victoria. One of our traditions is to visit the local op-shops and spend a few dollars. I have recently found lots of great, vintage patterns in those shops, som eof whihc may feature here over the course of the year.

Over the New Year's weekend I picked up this skirt. I fell in love wiht the fabric, but the length was all wrong for me. I think this skirt was made by or for its former owner. It has no labels whatsover, and the navy blue zip has been shortened to size. 

A quick and easy re-fashion, I shortened it to just above the knee and hemmed it. I have plans to use the bottom section, which has only one side seam (note the side split to teh knee of the original) as part of a wrap skirt.
As fir my hair, it is pulled up in a clip at the back, I haven't had a significant haircut. I did call my usual place, a hairdressing school in the CBD, for an appointment this week, but they are not longer open on weekends, and I can't take 2 hrs during a weekday for a cut, so I will have to find a new service provider.

Stay thrifty!


Ant Queen said...

That is a very cute print. Worth savaging.

I actually like the faux-short hair with the bit of wave. Looks a bit fifties :)

Melbourne Belle said...

With the hair, cardigan and pearls, I felt very 20's all day.