Saturday, January 22, 2011

Summer time Swap

Next weekend I am going to the  Rose St Market Swap.
During the Xmas/New Year break I had another sort and cull of my clothes and identified more garments that I have shrunk out of and/or don't wear. I think I have more than the 6 items permitted, so I will either store some for the next swap, donate them or perhaps sell them on eBay.
Last swap I came home with some very nice garments, which makes me optimistic about this one, and even if I only come away with one or two new garments, it will be well worth it, as all the left over garments go to charity.

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Ant Queen said...

I thought about going, but I think I did my dash at the last swap. Will be interested to see what you find this time around. I've gotten good mileage out of the skirt and 3/4 pants I picked up last time. Haven't worn the jacket much, but it hasn't been the right weather. The dress I'm still undecided about and I think it may need a refashion.