Wednesday, February 08, 2012

2012 sewing goals

Goodness how time flies!

This year, inspired by The Unclutterrer blog, I've decided to make monthly sewing goals. Let's see how I went in January 2112:

  • muslin the Butterick dress - almost done, wiht assistance from ant_queen of Ant Country. Construction of a test run dress is scheduled for this coming weekend.
  • sew a garment for Rachel's daughter, Keira (9mo) - almost done. The pieces are cut with construction also scheduled for this weekend.
  • post some pre-loved garments for sale on gumtree - nopt done, but I have organised for a stall to sell off some vintage clohtes in Feb
  • have a refashioning/sewing day with ant_queen - done! We had a lovely day together durign my end-of-January holiday, including much tea and talk and watching Paper Giants, which she gave more for Christmas.

Photos to follow.

As for the next few weeks, here's what is planned:

  •  sew a garment for Amber's baby, due in early March (sex unknown or at least undisclosed)
  • finish Butterick dress 
  • hold a stall at the Nth Melbourne Markets to sell off vintage garments (19.2.12)

  • have that long-promised millinery day with ant_queen
  • Birthday outing 31.3.12.




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