Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Dress 2012 in progress

There are now only 2 sewing days left unitl my birthday, and I *think* my new dress will be ready. I have a back up dress in mind just in case, but I am really hoping that this year will be the year I get it done.
I just spent a lovely afternoon in the comany of Antqueen working on my dress, and its really starting to come together. I am about to go and do another 30 mins on it, after which it will be ready to have the skirt attached to the bodice.
I am making up a vintage Butterick 2255 in a linen/cotton blend white with overblown pink flowers print.
Here is the muslin:

I hope to have it close to complete by next Saturday, when I am heading to Antqueen's house for a hat trimming afternoon. I might also impose upon her to mark my hemline.

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