Sunday, February 07, 2010

A new jacket at Salvos

2 Saturdays ago, quite on a whim, Hubby and I stopped by our local Salvos shop. We found loads of things for him, as we always seem to do and a few for me too: 3 patterns, a length of fabric, and a brand new with tags on “Mechanical Jacket” from emerge brand.

A quick Google tells me that emerge is sold through ezibuy. The tag says RRP $49.95, and I got it for $15. I wonder if someone bought it, was not happy with it, and then never got around to returning it, so it ended up donated. So even though its form an op-shop, since it’s brand new I feel I ought to hand over my get-out-of-jail-free card (I lasted a month! But it’s my first pledge).

I have also been sewing and have a refashion semi-complete to show you all in the next week or so. My M-i-L has been visiting, so no sewing for me this weekend, but we did buy her a vintage dressing gown pattern.

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