Saturday, February 13, 2010

Simplicity easy chic suit 4885: Part 1

First things first – the pattern:

I have previously made the pants, quite successfully and the skirt, less successfully. I have a First Draft* of the jacket and a muslin of the top on the mannequin, and it’s my intention to make a complete 3 piece suit form this pattern together with a couple of the tops.
I decided to have another go at the skirt, using some mystery green suiting fabric that has matured nicely in my collection. I checked my measurements and decided that I fall between the 20 – 22 sizes on this pattern. Then I remembered something from Carolyn’s interview on Gertie’s blog, and took my waist, hip and thigh measurements while sitting down – after all, I want this to be a skirt for working, and I work sitting down. Based on the sitting measurements, I decided to cut the size 22. If it turned out too big (as the first one did) I could always cut it down half-a-size.
After cutting the pieces, I pinned together the main skirt part, leaving off the flounce. Looking in the mirror, standing, walking and sitting, it seems to be the right size.
Next I cut the interfacing and pinned it to the skirt facings. That’s enough work on the skirt today.
Next I returned to the top muslin. I had previously pinned it in where I thought it was a bit loose around the bust/back. Again keeping Carolyn’s advice in mind, I tried the top on sitting down. This helped me to decide that I had taken it in too much and it was a little bit too snug for sitting and typing in at work. So, I will be taking it in about 2 ¾ cm at each underarm seam, but only at the under arm for about 4 -5 cm; the rest seems right. Next I’ll sew up the new seams, and get Hubby to pin me in where the zip goes to double check.
Finally, I pinned in the shoulder pads I bought for the jacket. I had previously suspect the shoulders are too broad, and with the shoulder pads in pace, I am quite sure they need to be taken in by about 1.5 cm. SO I have unpicked the sleeves and will be fiddling with about resetting them in an effort to find the right fit.

*A First Draft is when I hope to both work out fit issues and that the garment turns out presentable and wearable, but use inexpensive fabric in case I have to bin it.


Ant Queen said...

I'll be watching how you go with this one with interest before I have a go myself. I was thinking of starting with the skirt as I could really use more skirts in my wardrobe and it looks less complicated than the pants.

Lily said...

OooO I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!

You're very good for doing a first draft! I can't be bothered with that. I like the sewing experience to be as quick as humanly possible. :)