Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sewing Sunday

This afternoon I focussed on a copuple of UFOs.
First up, its the 'Make It Work!' t-shirt - Burda 12-2008-113. I chose this project specifically to try out my new overlocker. I used a white 'souffle jersey' remnant I bought 'in case it comes in useful' at Cleggs' remnant sale last year. I maanged to cut the pattern too big, made the seam allowances too small then lost weight, so it was far too big. A few tweaks and fudges later and it's ok - not a great fit but ok. The pattern calls for a self-fabric belt tie, but I didn't have enough left over (and can;t be bothered piecing bits together), so I will style it up with a belt from my collection.

Secondly is a pair of 3/4 length pj pants made from a flanalette-type fabric my sister gave me years ago (it has moved house with us at least once). They have been sitting in a bag, cut an dpinned, for months. I am particularly pleased, not only because its so much faster and easier to make them with the overlocker, but because I will be able to wear them tonight.

Thirdly I started on a pair of Vogue Very Easy stretch pants, but ran out of thread so I will have to either find or buy an additional spool before I can progress those.
Finally, I have decided to refashion an aqua top I got from a clothing swap party a few years ago, then promptly stained. Here is a before photo:

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