Saturday, May 29, 2010

Simplicity Easy Chic suit – skirt – finished

I actually finished this some weeks ago and have worn it to work a few times. I am quite happy with it on the whole. That is to say, I am happy with my construction and finish. I still need to improve my zipper insertion, and the hemming of the flounce is a bit rough and ready in places. If make this skirt again, I will perhaps finish the flounce hem with my (recently acquired) overlocker, then turn press and stitch the hem.

Now on to fit – I think the fit was quite good when I finished it. Unfortunately, I have shrunk a little since I finished it, so it now seems a bit loose and at risk of slipping lower than is ideal. I fear that in another month or two it will be in the ‘too big’ pile, which is a nice problem to have.

I can’t be bothered taking it in, as it would require altering both the skirt and waist band facings, so unless anyone I know wants a green flounced skirt in approx. size 16, I might pack it up for charity along with a few other items I shrink out of.

Further on fit, I have determined that, while it fit the way it was designed to, I don’t particularly like skirts that sit so low on the hips. They cut across my tummy, which can be my least favourite feature, and make me feel rather self conscious about my appearance. I do like the idea of the flounced above-the-knee skirt, so if I were to make the garment again, I’d amend the pattern by keeping some or all of the length and bring the darts in so that the skirt sits higher and closer to my actual high hip line.


Ant Queen said...

That skirt has turned out really nicely. It is great to see the finished product after seeing the "in progress" pics and some of the issues with the pattern. Sounds like the next one you make may be a size smaller :)

Villana said...

Cute skirt! Perhaps wrap-around style tops and skirts are the solution for a rapidly shrinking figure?