Sunday, June 13, 2010

ALF supporter gear

So I've been seeing (coveting) the official Essendon FC Earflap Beanie around the games. Attending outdoor football games in winter in Melbourne means lots of layers to keep warm. I always have trouble with drafts down the back of the neck and behind the ears. (Does anyone else get cold backs of ears in winter?)

I did have a(n unofficial, unlicensed) supporter beanie, but it did not have earflaps. I also had an old black t-shirt of Hubby's, and some red thread. Now I have this:

It probably took about 2 hours work all up.

It's not quite as sleek as the official one (I tried to post a pic but the cut and paste didn't work. It's over here if you are really interested ), but it's unique and will do the job. Although I did just bust Hubby reclining on the lounge in it, so I might have to make a companion one for him. 

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