Monday, June 07, 2010

Mini Wardrobe Challenge - the collection

Brain is too tired to figure out how to put words in the other post. I think I have to do words first then add photos. Anyway, I have made my decisions for this 5-day challenge.
My 10 "core items" (inclusding shoes) are:
Navy blue trousers - black dress with white detail - red/aqua check skirt (making its debut in my wardrobe having bene recently thrifted) - white long sleeved t-shirt - grey long sleeve t-shirt - black knit turtle neck top - black ankle boots - black knee boots - aqua cardi (also making its debut after being refashioned)
And I have decided that the last "item" is a collection of items I am calling my outer layer: brown vintage coat - black scarf - black beret - black leather gloves. Since I don these when I leave a building and remove them when I arrive at my destination, I have decided they can be one item, and will only be featured in today's outfit post.
My 5 accessories are:
one square scarf with martime themed prints (also on debut) - pendant watch - vintage metal belt - diamond earrings - every day brown leather bag.
I have also decided not to count my wedding/engagement/good wife rings as accessories as they are non-negotiable.

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